The Green Bay Packers selected offensive lineman Jordan Morgan in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft. GM Brian Gutekunst liked the Arizona alum’s leadership, skill set, and athleticism. But now, the coaching staff has to determine whether Morgan will primarily play tackle or guard with the Packers.

Packers Must Decide if Jordan Morgan Is a Tackle or a Guard: His College Experience

At Arizona, Morgan was a three-year starter at left tackle. He did a good job of run blocking in the team’s zone run scheme and was a solid pass blocker as well. In his final 24 games in college, he allowed just three sacks and three pressures. He also showed leadership ability and was a team captain in 2023.

Many scouts believe Morgan needs to add more upper body strength to excel in the NFL. He also played exclusively at left tackle although his skill set, and some physical limitations made scouts think he would be a good fit at guard in the NFL.

The Coaching Staff Speaks

The Packers coaching staff got their first up close look at Morgan at rookie camp last week and they liked what they saw.

Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich still wasn’t sure whether the first-round pick was better suited for guard or tackle. “He’s a natural on the edge,” Stenavich explained. “He looks comfortable out there. There’s obviously some technique stuff we’ve got to clean up, just like anybody, but yeah, I’m excited to work with him and just watch him and see. I wouldn’t say he’s a tackle, I wouldn’t say he’s a guard, I just want to see where he fits best for us and with our best five out there. So that may be at tackle. It might not be.” But I’m excited to work with him and you can see his athleticism when he’s out there. He’s a pretty talented guy.”

The indication was that Morgan will first get a look at left tackle, but will may also get a look on the interior offensive line. Head coach Matt LaFleur has often said he is looking for the best five players to start along the offensive line. It is expected that Morgan will eventually be one of those five, although it’s not clear how long it will take for him to earn a spot in the starting lineup.

Packers Must Decide if Jordan Morgan Is a Tackle or a Guard: The Reasons for the Doubts

The biggest reason for the doubts about Morgan’s ability to play tackle in the NFL has to do with his arm length, which is below the length the Packers and most teams prefer in their offensive tackles. He also struggles to deal with inside power rushers when he has to protect the edge. Both the shorter arms and the power rusher struggles will be less of an issue if they move him to the interior and have him play guard.

Morgan himself isn’t concerned about his arm length and is confident he can be a great tackle in this league. “I get that a lot, the short arms stuff,” Morgan said when he addressed the media after the draft.  “It’s like, obviously you haven’t watched film. I mean I use [my arms] pretty well. I move people off the ball. I pass protect really well, protect the quarterback, I mean see the stats. It doesn’t bother me. I’m just going to prove everybody wrong.”

He is also eager to work with quarterback Jordan Love who he’s been following. “I followed the breakout,” Morgan said. “I saw when that happened and that’s really special for him. Everybody loves him here, obviously, and I want to be that one tackle to protect him.”

Obviously, it will take Morgan time to adjust to a new position. If they move him to the right side at either tackle or guard, that will also be an adjustment for the rookie. Regardless, he will have plenty of adjustments to make as he enters the NFL. The Packers are eager to see what he can do.



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