The 2023 NFL regular season is over and with it, the Green Bay Packers know their opponents for 2024 and where the games will be played. The NFL usually releases the full weekly schedule in the spring.

In addition to the six games against divisional foes, the Packers will face the four teams from the AFC South and four teams from the NFC West. Their remaining three games are determined by where the Packers finished in the standings. Because Green Bay finished second in the NFC Central, they meet the second place teams in the NFC East, NFC South and AFC East.

We still do not know if the Packers will be playing in the NFLs international series next season. If they do, they will likely take away one home game from the schedule like they did when they faced the New York Giants in London in 2022.

The schedule features nine home games and eight road games, the opposite of this year’s ratio. Seven of the team’s 17 games will be against 2023 playoff teams.


2024  Green Bay Packers Opponents Home

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings

Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

New Orleans Saints

Miami Dolphins


2024 Packers Opponents Road

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings

Los Angeles Rams

Seattle Seahawks

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

Philadelphia Eagles




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